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By combining our years of research experience with leading-edge technology, Precision Research offers a comprehensive array of research solutions. Our custom research and consulting service enables clients to direct the resources of Precision Research toward specific topics of critical business importance.

Quantitative Research

Our core business centers on collecting accurate, reliable information – which is the foundation of all successful research projects. We have in-house capabilities for collecting data via Telephone, Online, Mail, Mystery Shopping and In-Person (Intercept). [more More]

Qualitative Research

Precision Research offers our clients a full array of qualitative research services including focus groups and in-depth interviews (IDI’s). [more More]

Consultation and Research Design

Precision Research provides consultation in research design and methodology, and specifically, the areas of objective-setting, methodology, sampling procedures and survey instrument design. [more More]

Data Processing/Programming Services

We use advanced data processing methodologies and technologies that put all information into an “intelligent” format. This ultimately results in making the data easier to use. [more More]

Analytical and Statistical Services

We provide the highest level of analytics, but with a focus on the overall goals and objectives of the research. Our analysts have extensive background in a variety of advanced statistical techniques and analytics. [more More]

Hispanic Research

Precision Research offers our clients the ability to gather and analyze information from Hispanic consumers. Our Hispanic research division offers a full array of qualitative and quantitative services designed specifically for the Hispanic market.[more More]

Quote Precision Research has no competitors in the data gathering arena. Precision implements our projects promptly, following instructions exactly, providing feedback on issues immediately, yielding reliable, actionable data, completed on schedule with extraordinary price value. MM/R/C is proud to be a 12 year Precision partner. Quote - Michael Meczka, President MM/R/C, Inc.