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On-Site Data Collection

Mystery Shopping

Over time, we have developed an eclectic portfolio of mystery shopping experience that includes both on-site as well as telephone-based mystery shopping.

Our experience has included everything from retail shopping experiences to product development, as well as sales calls and customer service evaluations. We retain staffing with years of experience and exposure to this type of information gathering endeavor. Our clients benefit from our experiences in terms of developing the appropriate scripting and logistical execution to ensure that the information being gathered is done so in a convincing, yet ethical manner.

Indeed, our company has been retained on an ongoing basis by one of the largest insurance companies in the U.S. to conduct quarterly mystery shopping studies that include all of their regional offices. These calls are intended to evaluate each location on their performance in handling inbound customer inquiries. Additionally, Precision Research has worked with clients such as large retailers employing mixed methodologies utilizing both in-person and telephone mystery shopping to ensure that each location is evaluated from all contact perspectives.

Over the years, Precision Research has engaged in dozens of mystery shopping studies for a variety of clients across several different industries. We retain the staffing with the experience and credentials to ensure that your project is executed with the right people, using the right approach and gathering the right information.

In-Person/Intercept Interviews

Precision Research, within the full array of service capabilities offered, also includes in-person or intercept interviewing. We can deploy our in-house capabilities within our local market, or alternatively, utilize a national roster of approved field agencies, which is continually updated. This allows us to deploy an intercept data collection effort in most markets. We maintain strong partnerships with this extensive network of data collection agencies.

Intercept interviews are a quantitative data collection method in which visitors or customers are interviewed immediately after or during their experience with a business or organization. Many organizations use intercept interviews to gauge visitor and customer satisfaction. This type of data collection technique is helpful in gaining insight into customers’ perceptions of their experiences immediately. This data collection method provides feedback and details of their experience which is still fresh in their mind.

Precision Research has the experience and capacity to implement all the tasks required for intercept interviews, including questionnaire design, data collection, and analysis of results.

Onsite Services
Mystery Shopping