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In-House Mail Capabilities

While most market research companies who offer mail-based data collection services outsource a majority of the design and fulfillment of the mailers, Precision Research has a dedicated sector of the company whose primary responsibilities are to complete every aspect of the mail survey effort. This includes not only the staffing, but the infrastructure used in mailing research, such as envelope printing, document folding and insertion and even the final postage (individual stamps to increase response rates). Precision Research also processes all inbound surveys and quality checks each completed form as it is entered into the final database.

Precision Research has extensive expertise in designing attractive, user-friendly, self-administered mail questionnaires. Mailed surveys offer a number of advantages including: not being as intrusive as phone surveys, eliminating interviewer bias, allowing for a more controlled survey presentation, allowing for longer checklist type questions and use of visuals and generally being less costly than phone surveys. Properly administered mailed surveys can provide response rates, if deployed properly, that are well within industry standards, and especially when they are implemented in conjunction with telephone reminder calls and an online questionnaire.

Over the past several years, as telephone access has become more difficult, mailed self-administered questionnaires are once again being viewed as a reliable and cost effective method for collecting data from specific target populations such as members, employees, readers of a publication, purchasers, long-term customers, etc. Mail surveys may also be appropriate for large sample sizes and lengthy or complex questionnaires.

Telephone Data Collection
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- Shane Ott, President & COO Kampgrounds of America Inc.