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Quantitative Research

Our core business centers on collecting accurate, reliable survey data. Quality data collection is the foundation of all successful research projects. Our clients count on us to provide them with reliable, accurate information they can consistently depend on. We have in-house capabilities for collecting data via telephone, mail, in-person (intercept), online as well as hybrid models utilizing combinations of different methods.

  • Central Location Tests
  • Custom Panel Development
  • Field Management
  • Focus Group Recruiting
  • H.U.T. Product Placement/Callbacks
  • Hispanic Interviewing
  • Intercept Interviewing
  • Mail Fulfillment Projects
  • Mall/Retail Center Access
  • Mystery Shopping
  • One-on-One Interviewing

Telephone Data Collection

Precision Research offers both the expertise and technical infrastructure to fulfill your telephone research requirements. We provide telephone data collection that ensures all of the information that is gathered is the highest quality, competitively priced – all of which is provided in response to your research requirements. [more More]

Online Research

Unlike many full-service market research companies, Precision Research has its own in-house online research capabilities (i.e., we do not outsource this function). [more More]

In-House Mail Capabilities

While most market research companies who offer mail-based data collection services outsource a majority of the design and fulfillment of the mailers, Precision Research has a dedicated sector of the company whose primary responsibilities are to complete every aspect of the mail survey effort. [more More]

On-Site Data Collection

Precision Research, within the full array of service capabilities offered, also includes in-person or intercept interviewing. We can deploy our in-house capabilities within our local market, or alternatively, utilize a national roster of approved field agencies, which is continually updated. [more More]

Data Collection