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Consultation and Research Design

Precision Research provides consultation in research design and methodology, and specifically, the areas of objective-setting, methodology, sampling procedures and survey instrument design. Our goal is to assist clients in the overall project design to clearly define the research objectives and expected output — ensuring that all of the information has been gathered using rigorous quality and validity procedures.

The Precision Research staff knows research, and we know how to execute research processes. But more importantly, we know how this information can assist companies in attaining their organizational objectives. Our senior level staff has 45 years of combined market research consultative experience to assist in all stages of project execution. We pride ourselves in being able to provide solutions to our clients' business information requirements by bringing to the table our comprehensive background and exposure to different industries, organizational requirements, structures and approaches.

Precision Research's experience in research design and methodology are the foundation of many of our research projects. Our staff has extensive background and experience in research methodology, sample design, and estimation.

Our analysts are knowledgeable in the effective use of statistical methods, including advances in area probability sampling, random digit dialing (RDD) for telephone surveys, weighting, and data imputation. Our analysts work closely with project teams in applying customized, optimally efficient sampling, weighting, and estimation procedures to diverse research projects.

Consultation and Reaserch Design