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Staff Bios

John Muller, Founding CEO and President

John Muller is Precision Research's founding CEO and President. He grew the company from a handful of employees to a full service market research firm housing a state-of-the-art call center of 150 telephone stations. John has more than 25 years experience in the market research community spanning various disciplines and subject matters. He has completed assignments for companies representing an entire array of industries. John is highly regarded in helping to develop quantitative methodologies, including: objective setting, question specification, sampling design, data collection and analysis. To assist his clients in better research gathering, John pioneered some creative approaches to mystery shopping, online surveys and database development.

John is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the company ensuring that quality remains high while survey turn-around time is kept to a minimum. He prides himself on maintaining a very experienced staff (typically 10 to 15 years of research experience) and providing personalized service to each client.

Prior to starting Precision Research, John was on the Board of Directors and Executive Vice President at Research International, where he led the company's strategic planning and sales division. While in that assignment, John launched a new company start up. John's Research International experience culminated a 15-year record of achievement as a well-seasoned market research professional rounding his skills to include: Executive Vice President, Vice President of Sales, Account Executive, Senior Project Manager, CATI/Computer Programmer, Data Project Director and Interviewer.

John holds a Bachelor's degree from Arizona State University in Business Management. John is a long-standing member of the American Marketing Association, Marketing Research Association, and CASRO.

Scott Bahr, Director of Client Development

Scott Bahr brings over 15 years of qualitative and quantitative research experience in public opinion research, marketing and advertising development, product development and strategic planning to his position at Precision Research. He is also an accomplished focus group moderator and interviewer, often augmenting the findings of quantitative studies with specific insights gleaned from focus groups and in-depth interviews with the populations under study.

Mr. Bahr joined Precision Research with an extensive background in research methodology with a focus on public opinion measurement in health care, financial services and product development. He has a well established track record of managing projects that are designed to provide key information in product performance, customer insight into the decision-making process, as well as program, product and service evaluation.

Mazie Sun, Manager of Call Center Operations

Mazie Sun brings to Precision Research, Inc. an extensive background in call center management. She has worked in the market research industry for over 21 years, developing a vast array of skills and experience in survey data collection.

Mazie has worked at all levels in the data collection environment, quickly rising to supervisory and project management positions. Additionally, she has a comprehensive background in sampling, phone number generation and project sample management in both the B2B and consumer sectors. Mazie has worked in survey fulfillment with both clients and vendors - developing the internal and external relationship building skill-set that allows her to effectively and efficiently manage and implement data collection studies.

Mazie is fluent in the Spanish language, enabling a seamless transition to studies that require bi-lingual (or Spanish only) interviewing protocols.

Jennifer Tate, Project Manager

Jennifer has 17 years of market research experience, the most recent have been with Precision Research. Ms. Tate has functioned as project manager for large-scale data collection assignments, overseeing the input and reporting of over 250,000 survey questionnaires annually. Ms. Tate has extensive experience and expertise in data processing, CATI programming, questionnaire design of scanned documents, coordinating all mail fulfillment and database management.

Some of Jennifer’s recent assignments have been in customer satisfaction, loyalty and service delivery systems. Her category experience includes working in the hospitality industry, automotive research and financial services, as well as consumer products and services.

P.J. Caron, Project Manager

Ms. Caron has been with Precision Research for over 10 years and is responsible for the overall project management of assignments in the Precision Research telephone data collection center. PJ is also responsible for developing data processing and management systems, sample management and procurement, CATI and online programming, as well as monitoring the day-to-day productivity on assignments.

Yesenia Ramirez, Lead Data Analyst

Ms. Ramirez has been with Precision Research for over 10 years and serves as an analyst who is responsible for developing all data processing and management systems, as well as monitoring productivity. Yesenia also ensures that data is processed and any cross-tabulations are programmed and produced to client specifications. She also produces all system files and performs analytics per the specifications of the project.